Bare Naked - for iPhone XS Max

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12 Months Warranty.

  • The case that's barely there! Only 0.35mm thin!

    Works with wireless charging!

  • What better way to enjoy the design & ergonomics of Apple's largest iPhone than with our super duper thin Bare Naked case that's crafted which such precision, you literally don't realise there's a case on your iPhone XS Max! Specially made for minimalists who want to appreciate every curve of Apple's new iPhone XS Max while protecting it from daily wear & tear, Bare Naked is a case-hater's dream come true.

    So get Bare Naked, put your iPhone XS Max on a rough surface, or slide it across a table without worrying 'bout scratches! The lip at the camera cutout protects your iPhone's camera too!

  • 1 x Bare Naked for iPhone XS Max

    Lots of enjoyment using your iPhone XS Max as it was meant to be.

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