Bare Naked EX - for iPhone X

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12 Months Warranty.

  • Ultimate iPhone X case for minimalists!

    The THINNEST CLEAR CASE Ever - 0.5mm Thin!

    Will NOT turn yellow!

    Works with wireless charging!

  • Bare Naked EX is the epitome of what's possible with today's know-how in material science - a clear case that is just 0.5mm thin, break-resistant, superb clarity, and won't turn yellow with time.

    In fact, this is the closest ever to the experience of using a phone completely naked while still providing protection from wear & tear.

    This case is so thin & clear, you'll hardly realise there's a case on!

  • 1 x Bare Naked EX for iPhone X

    Lots of enjoyment using your iPhone X as it was meant to be.

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