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Bare: Armour - for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

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Saves your iPhone from high-impact drops!

Thinnest shockproof case - only 0.6mm!

40% Off!

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Quit putting dents on your iPhone! Bare Armour's unique Get Hard polymer will save your iPhone from hard-hitting drops, and best part? You'll hardly notice there's a case on with it's 0.6mm thin profile that'll keep your iPhone slim.

It's the perfect case for rough, hard-hitting peeps who hate bulky cases but ain't got a choice... Well, until now. (Also includes a lanyard cutout if you ever need to string your iPhone somewhere, and a lightning port cap for added dust & water resistance.)

At Just 0.6mm thin, it's only 0.22 thicker than our thinnest case - Bare Naked! But how does something so svelte protect against impact? Well, we worked with leading manufacturers of shockproof polymers, and developed a special polymer that hardens, distributes and absorbs shock evenly across its entire surface upon impact.

We call this unique polymer, "Get Hard"

Bare | Armour - Thinnest Shockproof iPhone 7/7 Plus Case

Why Armour's Awesome:

"Get Hard" Polymer

Bare | Armour - Thinnest Shockproof iPhone 7/7 Plus Case - Get Hard

This case hardens upon impact, then distributes and absorbs shock throughout it's entire frame to keep your iPhone safe from that accidental drop! This unique polymer is made in Germany, and allows us to make the thinnest shockproof case ever!

Drop Protection

Bare | Armour - Thinnest Shockproof iPhone 7/7 Plus Case - 2-meters Protection

Accidentally swiped your iPhone off a coffee table? Forgot you left your iPhone on your lap as you were getting out of your car, only to see your precious iPhone tumble onto the pavement? Bare Armour provides more than enough protection for any of those scenarios, and will keep your iPhone safe from hard-hitting impact!

0.6mm Thin

Bare | Armour - Thinnest Shockproof iPhone 7/7 Plus Case - Ultra-Thin

You'll hardly realise this case is on your iPhone - no need to stretch your thumbs more than you already have to, no added weight, and no weird "rugged" design. At only 0.6mm thin, this case is just 0.22mm thicker than our thinnest case, Bare Naked, but offers far superior drop protection!

Added Water-Resistance

Bare | Armour - Thinnest Shockproof iPhone 7/7 Plus Case - Added Water-Resistance

Caught in the rain? Our Bare Armour case gives your iPhone more resistance to liquids with its tight-fitting lighting port cap that's seamlessly integrated in the case. This cap keeps water, dirt, and grime out of your lightning port, protecting it from contamination.

Protects Against:

- Hard knocks!

- Rough handlin'!

- High-impact drops!

This case is perfect for you if you're the classic butter-fingered fella, or if you just want peace of mind knowing your iPhone is fully protected.

Why Choose Armour?

If you've always wanted or needed a case that protects your iPhone from hard-hitting impacts from drops, but hate those thick, bulky, and rugged cases, you'll absolutely love Bare Armour! It's super thin, almost weightless, but provides more than enough protection against hard-hitting drops!


Do your cases protect the camera glass if I lay it flat on a table?

YES! ALL our cases have a lip on the camera cut-out that ensures the camera glass has no contact with a flat surface. Be careful of laying your iPhone on a rocky surface, though. We don't recommend that!

Will they work with full-coverage screen protectors?

Absolutely! ALL our cases won't push against, or "bubble" your screen protectors.

Do you sell screen protectors?

Yup! Check out our edge-edge Bare Pane glass screen protectors that'll give you full-coverage protection with our cases.

How long till my order reaches me?

Rest assured, the guys at Bare will ship your order out within 24 hours of purchase! (Except cases on backorder. Backorder cases will have their ship dates stated on their product page)

What if I'm not satisfied with my order?

If getting Bare was a bad idea, just put your clothes back on, drop us an email with the subject "I'm getting dressed", and we'll take care of the rest!

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Is it safe to buy from your store?

YES, ABSOLUTELY! Our entire online store includes an SSL certificate that uses 128-bit encryption technology; the same level of encryption used by large banks to protect information you provide. In English, it means you can shop with complete peace of mind. Also, we don't store your credit card info anywhere on our backend. You're fully clothed in this regard.

Returns & Refunds?

If you're not happy with your purchase, we'll make things right! Whether you want a replacement or refund, just let us know within 7 days of receiving your purchase and we'll take care of the rest. Promise!

What you waiting for? Get protected now with Bare Armour!

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