Bare: Naked - for iPhone 8

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The case that's barely there! Only 0.35mm thin!

Guaranteed 100% Perfect Fit!

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Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 is dropping soon, and we've got our Naked case ready to keep it protected from everyday wear & tear while letting you enjoy its sexy new design! Perfect for minimalists!

So get Naked, put your iPhone 8 on a rough surface, or slide it across a table without worrying 'bout scratches! The lip at the camera cutout protects your iPhone's camera too!

Easy to snap on and remove. Also available in Frost - perfect for silver, gold, and rose gold iPhones.

Pre-order from now till 31st August 2017, and get an additional $5 off with code "EIGHT"!

Cases are accurate to the final design of Apple's upcoming iPhone.
In the event the case doesn't fit 100% correctly,
you'll get an updated replacement for FREE!
Scroll down to the FAQs section for more info.

Bare Naked for Apple iPhone 8 - The thinnest case ever

Why Naked's Awesome:


Bare Naked Ultra-thin Barely-There Case - iPhone 8 - Supermodel Thin

Our Naked cases add literally ZERO BULK to your iPhone, letting you enjoy all its curves as Apple intended! At just 0.35mm, it's not too thin that it starts flexing at the edges, or too thick that it adds noticeable bulk. Yes, it's tough being a supermodel!

Absolutely Precise

Bare Naked Ultra-thin Barely-There Case - iPhone 8 - Precise Cutouts

Measured and cut using high-precision lasers for a perfect fit, you'll hardly realise there's a case on!

Pleasure to Touch

Bare Naked Ultra-thin Barely-There Case - iPhone 8 - Pleasure to Touch

Each case is bead-blasted with extremely fine glass beads to give it a unique sandstone texture that not only feels great, but also adds grip.

No Birthmarks

Bare Naked Ultra-thin Barely-There Case - iPhone 8 - No Birthmarks

See, we're true minimalists, and we know how you hate unnecessary branding too, so we leave our Naked cases absolutely bare; no branding whatsoever!

Bare: Naked - for iPhone 8

Protects Against:

- Scratches!

- Scuffs!

- Bumps!

- Light drops!

Let's put it this way, this case is for the minimalist who loves a naked iPhone but hates to baby it, not for outdoorsy, jungle-trekking, beach-surfing athletes who crack open lobsters with their iPhone.

Why Choose Naked?

Yes, we know there are other "ultra-slim" cases out there; we've seen and tested them, and found them to be, well... Let's just say they have compromises. For example, most are just too thin, making the edges flap easily, and soon, you find dirt and grime getting in between the case and phone - not good. Cutouts? They're just good enough, not perfect (we've got pictures). Our Naked cases have none of those problems! Our cases, though extremely thin, are still rigid so they hug your phone snuggly, ensuring nothing gets between! Our camera cutout is PERFECT, and all cases go through two quality checks - one at production, and one right before we ship it to you! And in that extremely rare occasion you get a dud, we'll do everything we can to make it right!

Getting it On!

Getting it Off!



How did you guys get these cases so early?

We work with the best in the industry, and have awesome relationships with our manufacturing partners who give us first-pickings before anyone else. *wink*

Is the design & fit of this case final?

99.99% Final! Our manufacturing partner has ties with super reliable sources,
and in the event the case isn't accurate to Apple's final design,
you'll get a FREE replacement case with the updated design!
You're 100% covered!

Do your cases protect the camera glass if I lay it flat on a table?

YES! ALL our cases have a lip on the camera cut-out that ensures the camera glass has no contact with a flat surface. Be careful of laying your iPhone on a rocky surface, though. We don't recommend that!

Will they work with full-coverage screen protectors?

Absolutely! ALL our cases won't push against, or "bubble" your screen protectors.

Do you sell screen protectors?

Yup! Check out our edge-edge Bare Pane glass screen protectors that'll give you full-coverage protection with our cases.

How long till my order reaches me?

Rest assured, the guys at Bare will ship your order out within 24 hours of purchase! (Except cases on backorder. Backorder cases will have their ship dates stated on their product page)

What if I'm not satisfied with my order?

If getting Naked was a bad idea, just put your clothes back on, drop us an email with the subject "I'm getting dressed", and we'll take care of the rest!

Questions 'bout shipping & payment?


FREE standard shipping for all orders.

All orders ship from Singapore, within 24 hours.

Orders within Singapore arrives in 2 - 5 working days.

International orders will arrive in 8 - 12 working days.


We accept:

All major credit cards


Apple Pay

Is it safe to buy from your store?

YES, ABSOLUTELY! Our entire online store includes an SSL certificate that uses 128-bit encryption technology; the same level of encryption used by large banks to protect information you provide. In English, it means you can shop with complete peace of mind. Also, we don't store your credit card info anywhere on our backend. You're fully clothed in this regard.

Returns & Refunds?

If you're not happy with your purchase, we'll make things right! Whether you want a replacement or refund, just let us know within 7 days of receiving your purchase and we'll take care of the rest. Promise!

Why Choose Bare?

Here's why

What you waiting for? Get Naked now!

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