Power Puck - Wireless Charging Pad

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Experience unrivaled convenience with wireless charging!

10.8W Fast-Charging Enabled!

Works with all devices supporting the Qi standard!

Enough fumbling with cables just to juice up your phone. Yeah, lightning and USB-C are reversible but so what? You still gotta shove it in a hole! And some of you know how frustrating it can can to shove something into a hole you can’t see, especially in the dark.

Luckily, your latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones come with wireless charging. Not so luckily, a wireless charger ain’t included in the box. Bummer!

Why not take advantage of your smartphone’s ability to charge wirelessly by getting our Power Puck Wireless Charging Pad, and enjoy the amazing convenience of simply putting your phone down to juice it up! You’ll wonder how you even lived without wireless charging.

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LED Status Lights!

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LED Status Lights

Glows green on Standby, and pulsates blue while charging your device.

Supported Devices:

All devices supporting the Qi standard.

Works perfect with our Bare Naked case!

*Fast charging requires a device & adapter that supports fast charging.
(eg. Galaxy S8 with the included wall adapter supplied by Samsung / iPhone 8 with iPad wall adapter.)

What's included:

1 Power Puck Wireless Charging Pad.

1 USB Cable.

1 Instruction Card.

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Tech Specs:

Input: 5V-2A 9V-2A

Output: 5V-1A 9V-1.2A