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The Best Cases for iPhone 15 Series

Here's where you'll find cases that let you enjoy the original design of your iPhone while keeping it protected.

Every case is exquisitely crafted to ensure it feels just as premium in your hands as a naked iPhone would.

Now you'll see why our cases are loved by 200,000+ customers.

Let's start with...

The Thinnest Case for iPhone 15 Series:

The Bare Naked Case

0.35mm thin. Preserves iPhone's original look & feel.

The Bare Naked Case for iPhone was created to let you embrace the original design of your iPhone while safeguarding from wear & tear of daily life, preserving its brand new condition.

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If at this point you're thinking "I want something with drop protection"...

We've literally got you covered:

Shockproof MagSafe Case for iPhone

Bare Armour Case

Meticulously crafted to offer the utmost protection without compromising on aesthetics.

With its slim, shockproof construction, this case is perfect for those seeking a balance between minimalism & durability. Trust in the Bare Armour Case to keep your iPhone safe & secure, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - capturing life's precious moments with peace of mind.

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And if you love leather:

Full-grain Leather MagSafe Case for iPhone

Bare Skin Case

The aim behind The Bare Skin Case was to craft a case so desirable that even the most case-averse individuals would want it for their iPhone. The unparalleled satisfaction derived from holding a case made with such fine leather, paired with elegant metal accents, & put together through masterful craftsmanship, is truly incomparable.

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Also remember to keep your screen protected:

Bare Pane Screen Protector

Ultra-thin glass. Scratch-resistant. Optically clear. Easy to install.

Protect your iPhone's screen from scratches & cracks with Bare Pane. It's nearly invisible once installed since it's just as clear, and feels just as smooth as the actual glass on your iPhone.

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Here's one more thing you absolutely need:

The Nexus:

3-in-1 Wireless Magsafe Charger

Imagine never having to juggle chargers or wrestle with a tangle of cords again. The Nexus transforms this dream into reality, offering a seamless charging experience for your iPhone, Apple Watch, & AirPods simultaneously. This isn't just convenience; it's a charging symphony conducted on a sleek, foldable stage.

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