Bare Naked - for Galaxy Note 9

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The thinnest Galaxy Note 9 case ever!

Just 0.35mm!

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is big - coming in at 6.4 inches on the diagonal, we reckon it's best appreciated naked since slapping on a thick case would make it a bit too unwieldy, and sorta ruin its sleek design. Yeah, we love the new Note 9 naked... Y'know, big and naked... Naked and... big... ooo... BUT! Like you, we still appreciate some protection, especially from scratches on the back and scuffs on the corners. That's where our Bare Naked case for Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 comes in!

Our ultra-thin Bare Naked case lets you enjoy the amazing curves of your spankin' new Galaxy Note 9 while keeping it protected from scratches, bumps, and light drops so it stays new and shiny! On top of that, you'll be using a smartphone that looks sleek and professional instead of one that looks like a grenade.

Also, we've specifically designed the cutouts at the back to make the fingerprint sensor easier for your finger to find. You're welcome.
So get Bare Naked now and discover how great it feels!

Available in Smoke (translucent black), and Frost! Both are translucent and lets you admire the back of your Galaxy Note 9!

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