Why Bare?

Why choose us over cheaper & similar alternatives you can find elsewhere?

Well, the thinness of our Naked cases make them notoriously difficult to manufacture. In fact, on a good day, the yield rate (cases that pass our quality standards) is barely 40%!

That means for every 10 cases that come out of the factory, we only accept 4. And with our second quality check that happens right before we pack the cases in their retail boxes, this rate can drop to as low as 30%!

So what happens to the cases we reject at the factory? Simple... other companies buy them up at a discounted rate and sell them for cheaper than us. Yup, those cases ain't the cream of the crop.

On top of all that, here's a couple crucial things we do during the manufacturing process that make a world of difference!

1. We make the cutouts AFTER the case is molded for cleaner cutouts.

Most other brands mold these cases on jigs with protrusions that make the cutouts which significantly increases the number of cases they can make per hour, hence a cheaper product, since y'know, "economies of scale"... but you end up with cutouts that have excess "overhangs" like the one in the picture below. Hmmm... Not pretty.

Why Bare - Cutouts - Brand X

Look, getting Naked means you've gotta look good! So our cases go through more steps to make sure they're pretty - first, our special resin is injected onto a mold that gives the case its respective shape. Then, these cases have their cutouts made on a separate machine using high-precision lasers.

The result? Cutouts cleaner than your bare bottom!

Why Bare - Cutouts - Bare

2. Our cases are free from stains.

Stains?! Yup, some cases from other brands ship with stains you can't remove. These stains are results of the manufacturing process. You see, the molds for these cases are used over and over again, and they have to be kept clean so the cases come out spot-free. But most times, manufacturers would rather produce more cases to sell (driving costs down) than "wasting" time making sure their molds are clean.

Why Bare - Stains - Brand X

The molds we use for our cases are cleaned at regular intervals so every case comes out free of stains and other icky crap!

Why Bare - Stain Free - Bare

3. Perfect fit

This type of cases are extremely difficult to get right, and the reject rates are very high! In fact, we reject every case that's less than perfect. Other brands, in an attempt to drive costs down so they can sell you a cheaper product, have shall we say, obscure standards. Sometimes you get a great one from them, sometimes you get an "ok" one, and other times, you get a wonky one, just like this one here:

Why Bare - Camera Cutout - Brand X

Now just compare that to ours... Need we say more?

Why Bare - Camera Cutout - Bare

If the case you got from us has any defects like those "Brand X" ones, you definitely got a defective case, and you should drop us an email to request a free replacement at

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