Bare Armour - for iPhone 13

Add Value Pack: includes 1 case, 2 camera bump protectors, 1 screen protector

12 Months Warranty.

  • For case-haters who want to show off their iPhone while protecting it from drops.

    Clear polycarbonate back to match your iPhone 13's look & feel.

    Works with Official MagSafe Accessories.

    DO NOT use alcohol wipes, sprays, & other harsh chemicals to clean your case. Instead, use a microfibre cloth with a bit of water.

  • a slim & ergonomic shockproof case that still shows off your device's original design.

    For days you need extra peace of mind when risk of dropping your iPhone 13 is greater - say you're sightseeing on a holiday with your device constantly in your hand 'cos you don't wanna miss a photo op, Bare Armour has got your device covered in case you drop it.

    So bring your iPhone 13 along for that weekend hike, evening jog, or that holiday photo walk knowing it's protected with Bare Armour.

  • 1 x Bare Armour for iPhone 13

    Peace of mind from drops while letting you show off your iPhone 13

Value Pack includes: