Bare Naked - for Galaxy S21 / S21+ / S21 Ultra

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12 Months Warranty.

  • The thinnest case for S21, S21+ & S21 Ultra

    Just 0.35mm!

    Wireless charging works with all our cases.

    *Yes, this case is super thin & sexy, which naturally means it's NOT a case for drop protection. It will also show wear & tear if placed on rough surfaces.

  • Samsung's new S21 has such a breathtakingly beautiful design, it'll be a shame to cover it up in a bulky case. So if you want to treat your senses to its original design while protecting your new S21 from scratches, our Bare Naked case will be perfect for you.

    It's the case-hater's favourite case with its impossibly thin design that adds literally no bulk, while providing protection against surface scratches, allowing you to enjoy the look & feel of a naked S21 with peace of mind. Get yours now!

    Available in Smoke, and Frost! Both are translucent and lets you admire the back of your Galaxy S21, S21+ & S21 Ultra!

  • 1 x Bare Naked Case

    Lots of enjoyment using your Galaxy S21, S21+ & S21 Ultra as it was meant to be.